Our main focus currently


  • Exploring and testing novel applications of exogenous ketone supplements, using behavioral tests on rodent models, confocal and electron microscopy, hyperbaric experiments
  • Cell surface protein mislocalization in neurodegenerative diseases and cancer
  • Metabolic therapies for neurodegenerative diseases, seizure disorders and cancer
  • Diving physiology; psychological and physiological changes in response to extreme environments working with NASA, adaptations to extreme environments
  • Comparative neuroanatomy, cognitive, behavioral studies and sensory biology, especially focusing on giant manta rays

NASA Extreme Environment Mission Operations/NEEMO 23

National Geographic Projects

Research Projects


Manta ray Neurobiology, Behavior and Morphology

I described that manta rays have the largest brain of all fish, as well as performed experiments on their cognitive, sensory abilities and social behavior. I also discovered that they are able to change their coloration rapidly and their pigmentation changes over time on the ventral side.


Ketone Research

We study the different applications of exogenous ketone supplements, including anxiety, neuroregeneration, glucose lowering effect, motor function improvement and neuroprotection from harmful gases.


Hyperbaric Research

We study the different combinations of exogenous ketones to mitigate or delay central nervous system oxygen toxicity seizures. I exposed growing plants to hyperbaric pressure to document changes in growth rates and starting experiments on nitrogen narcosis.

NEEMO Projects

(NASA Extreme Environment Mission Operations)

We perform experiments on potential psychological and physiological changes in response to living in a saturation environment for extended periods. Our studies are focusing on stress, individual and team cognition, sensory and motor function changes and are performed at 60 feet deep underwater, at the Aquarious Reef Base, Islamorada, FL in collaboration with FIU and NASA.


How you can help our research

You can support our research by donating to the Ketosis Research Operating Fund, which is a 501(c)3 at the University of South Florida. The donations are tax deductible and 100% of the funds go towards supporting the research.


Manta Pacific Research Foundation


Quest Nutrition


National Science Foundation



Ketone Technologies

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Office of Naval Research


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