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Ketones protect from oxygen induced seizures

A new study from our team has been recently published that we wanted to share with you!
This new research is the continuation of our team`s previous study that was published in 2013 when it was demonstrated in animal models that ketone ester (KE) supplementation delays the latency of seizures that are induced by hyperbaric oxygen.

In the new study older laboratory animals were used that best mimic human middle age and new ketogenic compounds and their combinations were tested. In contrast to the first study, the effect of delaying latency to seizures in older animals was less intense (574% increase in 3-months old rats and 179% increase in 18-months old rats), implying that ketone metabolism and associated signaling may change with age. The difference between the two age groups may be due to age-dependent alterations in tolerance, changes in brain ketone metabolism, or changes in the neuropharmacological targets with aging.
However, in the new study the best results were seen when KE was combined with medium chain triglycerides (KE+MCT; 219% increase). In the older age group the latency was less pronounced than in younger rats, although still comparable to high-dose, anti-seizure drugs.
Interestingly, not only were the supplements shown to increase the latency by over 200 per cent, but also reduced the severity of the convulsions. It is especially exciting that these results were seen without dietary restriction, the animals were fed a standard carbohydrate-based diet mimicking a high-carb Western diet.
These experiments demonstrated that ketones can protect the brain from the oxidative stress and metabolic dysregulation caused by the high oxygen environment.

Watch this short video for better understanding the study! 

Hyperbaric research study by team of Csilla Ari D`Agostino highlighted in the DIVE Magazine
Hyperbaric research study by team of Csilla Ari D`Agostino highlighted in the DIVE Magazine